Heyy, As I have promised in my last post, I am going to tell everything about my trip to Monaco. It is not going to be a long post because we spent only one day in Monaco but somehow me manage to visit all the main places in Monaco. The best way to visit … More Monaco

Helsinki, Finland

Heyyyy, I’m finally continuing a story about my trip to the north. As you probably know I spent 2 days in Estonia. After that we took a morning ferry to Finland. It didn’t take us that long to Β get there, only a few hours. So we had the whole day in Helsinki. Luckily, the weather … More Helsinki, Finland

Tirana island

Heyyy! This time I will tell about our another trip. Enjoy! This trip was a little bit different because it was a sea trip. We spent the whole day in the yacht. Our destination was a place called ‘Tirana island’. During that time we stopped 3 times for snorkeling and diving. And it probably was … More Tirana island